Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When Massage Should Not Be Used

There are certain conditions which should not be treated by massage. For any serious health conditions never massage without the consent of your health care provider.

1. Thrombosis or phlebitis: This means blood clots are present and you might dislodge them, NEVER do it.
2. Bruising
3. Varicose Veins: Don't massage, you can elevate them to help reduce swelling.
4. Fever
5. Infections or inflammation: Don't use massage, you may spread it.
6. Broken Bones: If you suspect a bone is broken, seek medical attention.
7. Tumors: Don't massage without the consent of the physician providing care for the tumor.
8. Pregnancy: Not during the first three months AND not without the consent of your obstetrician or health care provider. (Yes, massage is great during pregnancy and childbirth, but ONLY after you have permission from you obstetrician or midwife, so that will not be addressed here).

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