Sunday, November 18, 2007

E-mail Response

For those who sent us e-mail,

Sorry, we cannot reply all the emails. We received too many emails / bookings, daily / everyday through email. Again, please call +6 019 - 216 3056 for immediate response and for reservation.
Straightly, we do not have a lot of staffs under Customer Service Department (No pretending). Just 3 persons. (1 leader + 2 assistants)

Anyway, it's still fine / ok if you are not urgent.

When you call...
  • Please don't talk too much.
  • No phone sex.
  • We are ready to give you more relevant information about our services provided.
  • Suggest at least 2 hours earlier, for reservation.

Thanks a lot for your support. We are trying our best to give you more better services soon. Not only in health treatments / health services... but also customer services.

We are nothing wihout you...


Kilimanjaro Customer Service

"We Serve You Better Here"

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