Sunday, March 11, 2007

Youth Health Tips

The issues and decisions that youth face today are much different than those of 20 years ago. To help children and teens make healthy lifestyle decisions, try these tips to support the emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness of youth in our community.

Tips for Youth

- Exercise keeps you fit, increases your energy level, and gives you a sense of well-being. Make time for it every day.

- Make healthy food choices. Substitute water or milk for soda or juice.

- Talk to someone you have never spoken to before. You might just make a new friend.

- Try a new sport or join a new club.

- Turn off the TV. Step away from the video game. Read a good book instead.

- Choose to be a non-smoker.

- Be nice to yourself. Don't compare yourself to others. Remember that all of your peers are worried about how they look and how they fit in, too.

- Have a good laugh. It's important to not take life too seriously all the time.

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