Friday, March 9, 2007

Body Scrubs Treatment - Outdoor

What it is: Body scrubs are exactly what they sound like, but much more decadent. From your neck (typically) to your feet, your whole body will be delighted with a sumptuous sugar or salt scrub that will help to exfoliate dead skin, renew your skin's feel and touch, and moisturize the largest organ of the body: your skin. You will instantly see a result and feel the difference.

What to expect: Some body scrubs are concocted with exotic salts, such as those from the Dead Sea, which is known for its rich minerals and healing properties. Others are made with sugar and often blended with aromatherapy oils or organic ingredients that help refresh and renew the skin. These ingredients are combined with other purifying agents to detox and soothe the skin.

What it's good for: The exfoliation process of a body scrub will make your skin glow and retain moisture, as well as stimulate circulation. Scrubs are great to have once every few months. Having a scrub before you self-tan is also an excellent idea, as the skin is much more absorbent for any body bronzing you may choose. (As we all know too much sun is not good!) And just because you're bundled up for the winter doesn't mean your skin should suffer. Cold air and winds can make the skin dehydrated, dull and flaky.
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