Friday, November 23, 2007

Breast Massage

Breast Massage will be done by female therapist

What is breast massage therapy?

Breast massage therapy is a form of massage therapy in which the breasts are gently massaged. This is a form of therapy that can be done on oneself or by a massage therapist. It involves many different techniques, which also provide many benefits.

What are the benefits of a breast massage?

Breast massage, when done correctly, can help in many ways. The following are benefits that can be achieved by regular breast massage:

Prevention—while it cannot rule out all possibility of breast cancer, it is thought to be a preventative measure. It achieves this by removing toxins from the lymphatic system, as well as by improving lymph flow.

Gravity-defying—another benefit of breast massage is that the stimulation given to the skin can help keep the ligaments of the breast in good health, which can provide better natural support.

Pain Relief—for women who have breast cancer, breast massage therapy can help to relieve much of the pain and tension that comes with this illness.

Relaxation—as with all massages, relaxation is an added benefit of breast massage therapy.

Reduction of swelling and tightness—breast massage can help ease tightness and swelling that may be present after a mastectomy or during pregnancy.

What happens during a breast massage?

The exact situation and what will occur during a breast massage will depend on many factors. This includes what a person is receiving the massage for (such as for prevention, pregnancy, or breast cancer). Another important factor that will play a part in what will occur during therapy is whether a therapist is performing the breast massage, or the patient is massaging her own breasts.

Wherever you receive your breast massage, whoever performs it, and whatever the reasoning is for wanting it, there are usually several techniques involved in almost any breast massage.
This can include gliding, kneading, and twisting. All of these motions, performed with the proper pressure, in the correct direction, and in the proper order, can help flush fluids from the breasts that hold toxins.

If you will be performing breast massage therapy on your own, it is best to do so twice a week. You can locate an instructional video or book that can help you perform the proper techniques to achieve maximum benefit. Oils are helpful with breast massage, because it needs to be performed on bare skin to achieve the maximum benefits.

If you are interested in receiving a breast massage, you can find information about performing one on yourself at any bookstore or library. If you don’t want to perform the techniques on yourself, there are many massage therapists who are trained in breast massage for many different situations. Find one in your area and schedule an appointment today!


ethien rascon said...

receiving a massage for breast cancer ?isn't that dangerous ?

Kilimanjaro said...

Of course that is very dangerous!

No women want to live without either one or both her breast.

It can cause death too.

cj said...

it most certainly is NOT dangerous if the therapist is properly trained. No competent therapist who is well educated would ever massage directly over any tumor site. Breast massage is invaluable post-mastectomy and also post-reconstruction for both pain relief and the prevention of capsular contracture.

cj said...

it most certainly is NOT dangerous if the therapist is properly trained. No responsible, well educated therapist would ever massage directly over a tumor site. Breast massage is very beneficial for post-mastectomy patients for pain relief and for post-reconstructive surgery patients for both pain relief and prevention of capsular contracture.