Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AirSource® Testimonials

AirSource may be superior technology for the best in indoor air quality - but why take our word for it? See what others are saying about these revolutionary air purification systems...

"We recently remodeled our home (which included dry-walling, painting, carpeting, and crown molding) and our AirSource® 3000 was a blessing! We placed the unit in each bedroom after new carpeting was installed, and by the time our children were ready for bed, the smell was gone! AirSource also helped to remove the paint/varnish smells in record time! We love AirSource!" ~ Doug & Anne S.

"We have had some recent forest fires in our area that have left significant residual smoke. For several nights in a row, we had smoke that laid so heavy that we could not see for 1/8 of a mile. What was so interesting though, was that our AirSource 3000 kept our home virtually free of any smoke smell. When we would go next door to our neighbor's house, it was an amazing difference in how much her home smelled of smoke versus ours. This meant a tremendous amount to us, since we have a 17 months old son and the heaviness of the smoke and its permeating smell was so bad. It even worked in getting the smoke smell out of our vehicles!" ~ Susan J.

"I was asked by a patient if the AirSource 3000 would get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke from his home. He and his wife, together, smoke four packs a day. After I loaned him a unit, the patient returned in three days and informed me that they could tell the unit was working by the end of the second day. The smell of the old and stale smoke was leaving. The morning of the third day, when they awoke and came downstairs, he noticed that the smell, which he said usually greeted him at the bottom of the stairs and described as "an old tavern" was gone. I now have a newfound respect for this machine. In less than 72 hours, the smell of years of heavy smoking was gone!" ~ Dr. Bill V.

My neighbors called me and told me about a mutual friend who has a dog that had an encounter with a skunk, which fled back inside their home and filled it home with odor. It was so overpowering that the family wasn't even sure if it was skunk. They tried to remove the smell - they used tomato paste on the dog, they cleaned the carpet where the dog had rolled, and cleaned it some more, they opened the windows in the house, etc.

So, what was the result? They had an AirSource 3000 unit for four days and moved it around to different rooms. They had it on the main level of the home for two days. Their clothes in the closets no longer smelled like skunk. The main floor of the home no longer smelled. They moved the purifier to the basement, which had been the worst area, for two days. ~ Bonnie E.

My husband and I were selling our home so we had to repaint most of our rooms and, as we did, the AirSource 3000 did its job by sitting on a table in the living room being as quiet as ever. In the morning you couldn't even tell we painted! We were amazed.

We also used the AirSource 3000 unit in our spare bedroom. When we had our kitty de-clawed, he wasn't able to jump so we kept him in there with his litter box and, let me tell you, after a few days it really stunk up the room even though we changed his litter everyday. I tried that carpet fresh powder that you sprinkle on the carpet and that didn't remove the odor. We placed the AirSource 3000 in there for one day, and let me tell you, that smell was gone. I thought for sure the carpet was going to have to be replaced, but it's staying where it is. ~ Jennifer & Greg C.

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