Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stress Management Tips

How to Recognize the Symptoms From:

How to perform simple stress assessments, increase awareness of personal stress levels and identify stress management problems in your life.
Whatever your stress level, everyone can benefit from learning techniques to manage stress. Determining the source of stress is the first step, followed by personal evaluation and possible removal or reduction of the source.
Major life changes of any kind are always stressful. A move, a job change or a divorce can cause stress that lingers for a year or more. Don't assume that you are "over it" or that a major event is no longer relevant to your stress level.
Other common sources of stress are marital problems, financial difficulties and issues involving children. A birth or a death in the family is obviously a major life altering circumstance with long lasting effects.
Often the first signs of being "stressed out" are physical symptoms. Any new symptom that doesn't clear up within a week or two should be checked by a doctor and evaluated as a possible stress response.
Anytime you feel as if you are suffering from stress related symptoms, take a moment and do a quick evaluation of these typical stress indicators.

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